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Agate works with innovators across the healthcare landscape to meet their most pressing strategic needs.  In doing so we always maintain a keen focus on implementation and execution. The goal for every client is for them to maintain a steady stream of innovations while maximizing the value of existing assets.
Payers, Providers & Health Services Companies...

​Agate helps insurers, hospitals, and other care providers plan, develop, and execute consumer-driven programs, most notably eHealth, medical management, quality, and access initiatives.

  • Market analysis

  • Growth planning

  • Customer research

  • Vendor selection

  • Payer-provider collaboration formation

  • Strategic project management



Vendors & Technology Companies...

​Agate brings deep market and entrepreneurial experience to each client, helping them solve of critical problems while accelerating profitable growth.

  • Sales & Marketing Support    Product positioning, messaging, pricing, ROI analysis, and reimbursement optimization

  • Product Development Support  Product strategy & road-mapping, product ideation, market validation

  • Strategy& Financial Planning Corporate planning, investor relations & financing support, competitive intelligence



Investment Community & Non-Health Companies...

Agate works with incumbent industry players, venture capitalists, and other investment professionals to identify, cultivate, evaluate, and help value health care services and health media companies.

  • Market insight

  • Target identification

  • Diligence activities

  • Strategic deal evaluation




Managed Care Related


A health care analytics vendor – Through workflow mapping, market & competitive research, and a technology gap-analysis, develop a product road map for a new set of advanced clinical applications

A US health plan – Developed product offering employing clinical analytics to support hospital-to-home care transitions​

A disease management company – Developed with management a partnership strategy for enhancing their call center offering. Deep focus on surgical avoidance, 2nd opinions services, and health incentives

A pharmaceutical manufacturer - Developed a business plan and supporting partnership strategy for their potential entry into the care coordination market

A utilization- & case- management automation vendor - Revamped entire product road map and corporate messaging

A population analytics company - Identified two new applications in managed care for the company's core capabilities, including identifying likely channel partners

A tele-consultations vendor - Numerous corporate strategy initiatives, including long-term business planning

An interactive health content provider - Developed a marketing program for client's rich library of interactive, video-intensive health and wellness modules

A pharmacy analytics & consumer engagement vendor - Revamped product portfolio and messaging, as well as developed a comprehensive mobile strategy

A health incentive & wellness vendor - Refined product and corporate messaging to support market expansion


A large employer - Identified opportunities to apply existing programs, processes, and know-how to other organizations


A care management solution provider - Growth planning and marketing program development



Provider Related


A mid-sized primary care group – Co-ran a selection process to secure a managed care partner to launch a co- branded Medicare Advantage plan. Specific responsibilities included payer diligence and financial modeling


A large provider system – Identified opportunities for lauching new chronic care programs 

A critical-care clinical information system (CIS) vendor – Helped secure a marquee US account. Also developed a “Value on Investment” quantitative model for prospective clients

A leading clinical decision support vendor - Developed a four-pronged productization strategy for re-launching the company's clinical decision support (CDS) platform. Designed and authored the corporate web site, sales presentations, and related white papers to support re-launch

A device for ongoing management of cardiac disease – Developed ROI model for a non-evasive wearable device focused on reducing hospital readmissions


A cancer genomics company – Innovated ideas to justify ROI of testing to health system clinical leadership

A large independent practice association (IPA) – Telehealth strategy development


Investment Related & Other


A private equity firm – Developed a "cost saving through consumer engagement" market segmentation and framework

A leading investment company – Identified and evaluated targets to help company enter the managed care services arena

A consumer electronics company - Brainstormed ways to apply a home network appliance to health & wellness

A home health screening company - Developed, with partners, a Wellness wrapper for the Company's screening technology


An online patient community - Identified product expansion opportunities for managed care organizations, employers, and providers


Sample Projects
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