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Bringing health innovation from concept to market



Seeking transformative solutions to today's most significant healthcare challenges...

Agate*ACCEL develops and brings to market early-stage healthcare technologies and services. We partner with researchers, entrepreneurs, clinicians, and early-stage companies who have solutions to dramatically improve care quality while reducing costs. Areas of particular interest are connected health, healthcare analytics, population health management, health navigation, senior health, and personalized medicine.

Know-how and networks to effectively commercialize and scale healthcare innovations...

Agate*ACCEL knows the challenges of bringing new healthcare products to market.  Solutions need to effectively serve all users while satisfying the unique business needs of providers, payers, and/or employer organizations.  Solutions must integrate with existing complex workflows and legacy systems.  To even get to market, they must meet an ever growing set of regulatory requirements.  The business model must capture the value they create while operating within multiple, sometimes conflicting, payment environments. Finally, innovators need access to specialized talent, sources of capital, and "inside tracks" with potential customers. Agate*ACCEL provides CxO services, either on a full- or part-time basis, to accomplish all this, and more.

If you have a great technology-enabled healthcare solution and are looking for a partner to get it to market then Agate*ACCEL is here to help.

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