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Whether you are a multi-billion dollar healthcare incumbent, an emerging services company, or a mid-sized technology vendor, Agate is here to help.  We combine deep market expertise, technology prowess, and proven entrepreneurialism to grow entirely new revenue streams.



Boston Office

129 Newbury St.

2nd Floor (Oficio)

Boston, MA 02116


For AR/AP/Mailing:

Agate Consulting, Inc.

77 Alderwood Road

Newton, MA 02459


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About Us


A unique firm with a single mission...

Agate is a boutique management consultancy focused on helping clients excel in the consumer-driven healthcare market. Agate advises technology, payer, provider, and pharmaceutical companies on a broad range issues, including product & corporate strategy, marketing, messaging, and business development. Specific areas of expertise include managed care, e-health, disease management, healthcare IT, and clinical operations.

...Meeting health care's challenges of the next 10 years

This decade will be truly transformative for the health care industry. The blurring of health care delivery and finance, the maturing expectations of purchasers and patients alike, as well as major demographic shifts will all challenge industry incumbents. Those organizations that can positively morph their relationship with their customers and suppliers, utilize new automation technologies, harness the power of actionable analytics, and ultimately effectuate behavior change by patients and providers will see practically limitless opportunities. This growth will often come at the expense of today's seemingly invincible competitors. Those organizations that cannot adapt will likely see decline and obsolescence


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